Scenic Spots

Introduction to the Scenic

     Jinshan Hill Scenic Area is a national scenery with national Five-A class tourist scenic spot. It is situated in north-west of the city with 44 meters above sea level and occupies a land area of 40 hectare. Jinshan Temple  began in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420) and It has been 1600 years of history. Jinshan Scenic Area is composed of Jiangtian Temple, Jinshan scenic spot, Baihua Zhou scenic spot, Mirror Garden and Yiquan scenic area.

     Jiaoshan Hill Scenic Area is national key scenery with national Five-A class tourist scenic spot. It is situation in north-east of the Zhenjiang – the China's famous historical and cultural city. The scenic area surrounded by water is located at an island in the Yangtse River. It has constituted a Three-Hill tourist attraction together with Jinshan Hill and Beigu Hill in order to realize the hard task of “Finding out differentials according to standard and creating a leadership role in excellent work” and to cultivate modern tourist gathering area and demonstrating area.

Zhenjiang landscape occupies first place over Southeast and Beigu landscape outshines others by his imposing manner. Beigu Hill is a national scenery with national Five-A tourist scenic spot. It is known as “The world's first Jiangshan”. It is about 58 meters high, consisting of front peak, middle peak and rear peak, just like a dragon, perching on the banks of the Yangtze river. Since ancient time, Chinese and foreign tourists coming here want climbing Beigu Hill and visiting Sweet Dew Temple.